Our group programme offers a variety of interactive lessons to improve your child’s communication skills.

We have an average of 8 students per class, with a maximum of 10, to ensure that our students gets the personal attention they deserve.  Students are grouped according to age and level, and every effort is made to mix the nationalities.  With a focus on speaking and listening, the varied group lessons cover all skills, including reading and writing, according to the student’s needs.

Our Lessons:

Active Communication:  we get students talking right form the start using topical role plays, presentations and debates.  Our teachers give students individual feedback on their language and will then help them progress by working on relevant grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and functional language points.  We help students to say what they want to say!

Core Language Skills:  the focus is on listening, reading and writing skills.  We use a variety of authentic, up-to-date material such as film trailers, news clipes and social media to stretch and engage each student.  We will give your child listening, reading and writing strategies to build on in the future.

Case Study:   team work and presentation skills are essential in this lesson!  Each week students are given a task to accomplish in English.  They could, for example, design a marketing campaign to attract more visitors to the local town, plan a music festival, create a smartphone app or publish a school magazine.

Essential English:  we give students the practical language they need to deal with everyday situations in English.  We help students use natural language and whenever possible, we get students out and about in Sherborne with their teachers to use the language they have learned in real-life situations.

Friday Mornings – experience academic subjects in English!  We have Science, Mathematics, History and Business Studies mornings where students study a range of academic subjects through a variety of challenges and projects.  For example, students may use and build on their Science and Mathematics skills in our popular Murder Mystery challenge where they are tasked with examining a crime scene and evidence to solve the mystery.  In our Business Studies morning, students could work with a local entrepreneur to devise their won business plan or create a new marketing strategy for a local business.


Individual lessons for specific needs – an optional extra to supplement the group programme!

Our Individual Lessons are ideal for students who are studying for exams or who would like to look at a particular area of English in more depth.  Each lesson is tailored by our skilled teachers to meet the student’s language needs and priorities.  Click here for more information.



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